We conduct surveys and aggregate data from trusted sources to serve as the basis of the content we create for you. Often these data stories are timely, so that they resonate with journalists who are actively seeking new angles to popular topics. We also bake in evergreen qualities, so that our investment into each story pays dividends far into the future. As we build out these stories, we establish you and your brand as a thought leader and authority in your industry.

Reporter & Blogger Outreach

Once we’ve got a solid story written and published, we reach out to our broad network of journalists and bloggers in the United States. We split our list of journalists into several cohorts based on their interests, geography, and other factors. Then, we pitch the story in a way that’s compelling to them and likely to secure a placement in an upcoming article. This is a powerful way to build brand equity in markets all over the United States, with some other benefits as well.

Link Building and Domain Authority for SEO

As these stories are published, organic links start trickling in from all of the media outlets and blogs that pick up the story. Your website’s domain authority goes up naturally as a result. By extension, if you’ve got other great content on your website and a solid architecture for SEO, your search engine traffic is likely to go up, too.