Media and Blogger Outreach

We pitch our data stories to reporters and bloggers who are likely to have an interest in publishing them. We do all of the hard work to essentially hand them a story on a silver platter, that they can practically cut and paste into their publications with a few tweaks. This is vastly different than syndicating press releases. We do that too, but the quality and quantity of the secured placements you are likely to get with our approach is highly effective, especially for new companies that don’t already have recognizable brands.

Brand Mentions

Often, reporters love what we have to say. They thrive on the stories we tell, because of their authenticity. Audiences thrive on these stories, too. When we pitch startups and other brands to journalists and bloggers, they’re eager to hear more. And when they include our clients in their stories, there’s often a mention of both the company name, and the spokesperson.

Organic Links to Your Website

We can’t promise that every single media pitch will result in a link. But we can promise that if a link is to be had, you’re in great hands with Brand Boba. Many publicists are only interested in brand mentions. They see those as a win, and they don’t focus on the link-building and SEO aspects of media outreach. That is the crux of what we do. We don’t just ask for the mention, we ask for the link. And after the story comes out, we check whether it was included. If not, we ask again. We treat your brand the same way we treat our own.