At Brand Boba, we focus on four primary services:

Data Driven Publicity and Content

Imagine a digital PR company that gives you a product that’s different than anything you’ve tried before. We build data stories and wrap them in emotional storytelling to create a persuasive narrative that gets press. We then leverage our relationships to increase the likelihood of securing placements in relevant publications and media outlets. This methodology has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Foundation: Thought Leadership
  2. Unique Story Angles: Data Storytelling
  3. Amplification: Media Pitching and Social Media

Foundation: Thought Leadership

One of the most difficult challenges micro-caps and small businesses face is to break through to the media, especially if their reputations have been damaged or if they have been branded as a “meme stock.” They may even have an innovative product or service like the Phunware platform. But that story gets buried because enterprise-level businesses, well-known celebrities, politicians, and others dominate the news. That’s why thought leadership matters.

For people to take you more seriously, you need to be established as a thought leader. When a journalist contemplates publishing a story about a person or company, they engage in due diligence even when relationships are strong. They’ll Google the leadership team to see if they’re experienced experts who people recognize as trusted authorities (Google does this too, when ranking content, by the way). So, you need to paint a picture for them that subdues any hesitation about publishing your story. To position you as a thought leader, we have the capability to utilize the following methodologies, in addition to whatever you’re already doing in-house and with other partners:

  • Writing expert opinions that are on brand, in your voice for journalists and bloggers who are actively seeking quotes for their stories, using services like HARO, Qwoted, Source Bottle, and Terkel.
  • Amplifying stories on social media with expert content including written posts and engaging images, videos and slide shows created using Canva and other tools
  • Blog content creation for websites and platforms like Medium and Substack, and paid programs like Forbes Business Council
  • Book writing, publishing and marketing as your ticket onto news programs, podcasts, and printed publications
  • Coaching leadership teams on audience-building
  • Media training company leaders through video conferencing, to make them better communicators who learn how to speak with authority, and in talking points

Unique Story Angles: Data Storytelling

One of the hardest things to do is create news that people care about. You have an established business and a great product, and although you’re in the early stages of adoption you’ve focused on developing an amazing experience for your clients and end users. But you may not have had newsworthy breakthroughs in product design or partnerships lately, so it’s hard to manufacture news about the company that may or may not resonate with reporters. That’s where we come in.

Brand Boba has a team of expert publicists and storytellers. First, we will continue to research your company and will interview you to better understand your brand, mission, and products. Then, we research trending news stories and keywords to identify potential story angles and questions that need answers. From there, we present you with a newsworthy hypothesis and survey questions, and welcome your feedback and suggestions. We survey 1000 or more people to collect data and test the hypothesis, and then we craft a story around the results. This story wraps the survey results in an easy-to-follow and compelling narrative that keeps journalists and audiences interested using the following devices and methodologies:

  • Character development
  • Narrative arcs like the Hero’s Journey
  • Using our unique YAM Storytelling™ methodology
  • Emotional storytelling
  • Data analysis
  • Embedding interactive charts, graphs, video or other rich content

Once the story is developed, we publish it to your website or ours, and then we promote it.

Amplification: Media Pitching and Social Media

Like most things in life, organic press coverage is not guaranteed. You can follow best practices, develop relationships, and pitch stories to journalists and bloggers. But in the end, it’s their decision to pick up your story, or not. To have the best shot at getting press, you need a great story that’s newsworthy, a great pitch, and often great relationships. At Brand Boba, we’ve got the experience to know what works, and what doesn’t. We take the data stories we create for your clients, as well as other newsworthy content, and share it with relevant content creators. Instead of blasting press releases out to thousands of disinterested journalists who end up blocking your messages and sending them to spam, we curate contacts from our existing network as well as relevant journalists, writers, publishers and media outlets who are most likely to open, read, and publish your stories. We then monitor news and blog websites for pickup and traction both as a direct result of our outreach, and organically and we report those hits to you. We also partner with you to amplify the published content on social media.

Media placement is hard. It becomes easier when you build a recognized brand through thought leadership, storytelling, compelling data, and an amplified voice.

More About Our Tactics

Data Stories

We conduct surveys and aggregate data from trusted sources to serve as the basis of the content we create for you. Often these data stories are timely, so that they resonate with journalists who are actively seeking new angles. We also layer in enough emotional language to make the content persuasive, and bake in evergreen qualities, so that our investment into each story pays dividends far into the future. Let us establish you and your brand as a thought leader and authority in your industry. Learn more

Expert Roundups

Every month, we curate hundreds of queries from websites that are actively seeking quotes for expert roundups to be published to their blogs. We narrow down the list to those websites that are likely to publish well-written opinions that are relevant to your expertise. We do the bulk of the work, so that you just need to personalize and tweak what we create on your behalf. We submit this content to the targeted websites, and have an extremely high degree of success with getting you placements that include your name and a link to your website. Learn more

Media and Blogger Outreach

We pitch our data stories to reporters and bloggers who are likely to have an interest in publishing them. We do all of the hard work to essentially hand them a story on a silver platter, that they can practically cut and paste into their publications with a few tweaks. This is vastly different than syndicating press releases. We do that too, but the quality and quantity of the secured placements you are likely to get with our approach is highly effective, especially for new companies that don’t already have recognizable brands. Learn more