At Brand Boba, we focus on three primary services:

Data Stories

We conduct surveys and aggregate data from trusted sources to serve as the basis of the content we create for you. Often these data stories are timely, so that they resonate with journalists who are actively seeking new angles. We also layer in enough emotional language to make the content persuasive, and bake in evergreen qualities, so that our investment into each story pays dividends far into the future. Let us establish you and your brand as a thought leader and authority in your industry. Learn more

Expert Roundups

Every month, we curate hundreds of queries from websites that are actively seeking quotes for expert roundups to be published to their blogs. We narrow down the list to those websites that are likely to publish well-written opinions that are relevant to your expertise. We do the bulk of the work, so that you just need to personalize and tweak what we create on your behalf. We submit this content to the targeted websites, and have an extremely high degree of success with getting you placements that include your name and a link to your website. Learn more

Media and Blogger Outreach

We pitch our data stories to reporters and bloggers who are likely to have an interest in publishing them. We do all of the hard work to essentially hand them a story on a silver platter, that they can practically cut and paste into their publications with a few tweaks. This is vastly different than syndicating press releases. We do that too, but the quality and quantity of the secured placements you are likely to get with our approach is highly effective, especially for new companies that don’t already have recognizable brands. Learn more